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Port Mathurin - Sir Gaëtan Duval

Airport details

StateRodrigues Island
AirspaceMauritius Ctr
Elevation95ft (29m)
TimezoneGMT +4
Coordinates-19.75778, 63.36139
Magnetic var
Available sinceX-Plane v10.40
FAA coden/a


Sir Gaëtan Duval tower122.100

Runway info

Runway 12 / 30
 length1292m (4239ft)
 bearing105° / 285°
 width30m (98ft)
 displ threshold136m (446ft) / 71m (233ft)
 blast zone27m (89ft) / 28m (92ft)

Airport layout

Parking locations

Nearby beacons


Instrument approach procedures

runwayairway (heading)route (dist, bearing)
RW12EPSIT (82°)EPSIT 2500ft
IMR03 (12mi, 61°) 2500ft
RW12IMR01 (105°)IMR01 2500ft
IMR03 (5mi, 105°) 2500ft
RW12IMR02 (125°)IMR02 2500ft
IMR03 (5mi, 175°) 2500ft
 RNAVIMR03 2500ft
IMR04 (5mi, 105°) 1711ft
FIMR (5mi, 105°) 119ft
(3906mi, 287°) 500ft
IMR05 (3906mi, 107°)
EPSIT (19mi, 272°) 2500ft
RW30IMR06 (310°)IMR06 2500ft
IMR09 (5mi, 16°) 2500ft
RW30IMR07 (285°)IMR07 2500ft
IMR09 (5mi, 285°) 2500ft
RW30IMR08 (260°)IMR08 2500ft
IMR09 (5mi, 196°) 2500ft
 RNAVIMR09 2500ft
IMR10 (5mi, 285°) 1723ft
FIMR (5mi, 285°) 131ft
(3906mi, 287°) 500ft
IMR11 (3906mi, 107°)
IMR06 (10mi, 110°) 2500ft


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