Airports for X-Plane offers a convenient way to explore airports and their related communication information for the X-Plane flight simulator. It only uses data from the X-Plane flight simulator itself, and is therefore more reliable than the data that comes from real aviation websites. You can search for airports by using the ICAO code, or browse for airports per country and state. The information displayed is categorized by airport details, runway information, airport communication, approach frequencies (ILS and Glidepath details), details of nearby beacons, SIDs, STARs and approach procedures.

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Airport details

AirspaceEntebbe Ctr
MunicipalityNyaka Sub-County
Elevation3248ft (990m)
TimezoneGMT +3
Coordinates-0.72390, 29.69621
Magnetic var
Available sinceX-Plane v10.40
IATA coden/a
FAA coden/a


No airport communication available for FZNI

Runway info

Runway 2 / 20
 length2020m (6627ft)
 bearing25° / 205°
 width40m (131ft)

Nearby beacons

KSKISORO NDB33.6178°258
KAKASESE NDB59.824°273
GOMGOMA VOR/DME63.5206°116.50
GSGOMA NDB64.6205°397


The information on this website is not for real aviation. Use this data with the X-Plane flight simulator only! Data taken with kind consent from X-Plane 12 source code and data files. Content is subject to change without notice.