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Puerto Plata - Puerto Plata Gregorio Luperon

Airport details

CountryDominican Republic
StatePuerto Plata
AirspaceSanto Domingo Ctr
Elevation15ft (5m)
TimezoneGMT -4
Coordinates19.75790, -70.57003
Magnetic var
Available sinceX-Plane v10.40
FAA coden/a


Puerto Plata Gregorio Luperon Ground Control121.900
Puerto Plata Gregorio Luperon PUERTO PLATA Tower118.000
Puerto Plata Gregorio Luperon PUERTO PLATA Approach119.000

Runway info

Runway 8 / 26
 length3078m (10098ft)
 bearing74° / 254°
 width46m (151ft)

Airport layout

Taxiway locations
Parking locations

Nearby beacons


Departure and arrival routes

Transition altitude17000ft
Transition level18000ft
SID end pointsdistanceoutbound heading

STAR starting pointsdistanceinbound heading
 JUEL2S, JUEL3S50.2140°
 SEKA3S, SEKA2S41.5161°
 POKE3S, POKE2S38.3231°

Instrument approach procedures

runwayairway (heading)route (dist, bearing)
RW08-VBETOL (135°)BETOL 4000ft
PP380 (10mi, 145°) 4000ft
PP381 (5mi, 145°) 2410ft
PP382 (4mi, 162°) 1350ft
RW08-VBOLKO (153°)BOLKO 4000ft
PP381 (5mi, 211°) 2410ft
PP382 (4mi, 162°) 1350ft
RW08-VDATKI (165°)DATKI 4000ft
PP381 (5mi, 254°) 2410ft
PP382 (4mi, 162°) 1350ft
 RNAVPP382 1350ft
MDPP (5mi, 74°) 67ft
PP355 (2mi, 74°)
PP356 (3mi, 23°)
PP357 (5mi, 329°)
EMIVO (17mi, 244°) 4000ft
RW08-YPP150 (132°)PP150 4000ft
PP130 (6mi, 142°) 2500ft
TUGAR (14mi, 270°) 4000ft
PP170 (8mi, 270°) 4000ft
PP160 (4mi, 270°) 3500ft
PP130 (4mi, 240°) 2500ft
 RNAVPP130 2500ft
DUNIX (3mi, 162°) 2100ft
PP120 (1mi, 162°) 1708ft
PP110 (3mi, 117°) 703ft
PP100 (2mi, 74°) 67ft
PP355 (3mi, 74°)
XULMI (22mi, 74°) 4000ft
XULMI (turn) 4000ft
RW08-ZBEPAD (74°)BEPAD 5000ft
PP350 (5mi, 74°) 5000ft
PP351 (5mi, 74°) 4000ft
RW08-ZEMIVO (89°)EMIVO 4000ft
PP351 (4mi, 162°) 4000ft
 RNAVPP351 4000ft
KESLO (4mi, 74°) 3000ft
60THR (3mi, 74°) 1980ft
40THR (2mi, 74°) 1350ft
25THR (1mi, 74°) 870ft
MDPP (3mi, 74°) 67ft
PP355 (2mi, 74°)
PP356 (3mi, 23°)
PP357 (5mi, 329°)
EMIVO (17mi, 244°) 4000ft
RW26-VKEPDA (160°)KEPDA 4000ft
PP391 (5mi, 74°) 2450ft
PP392 (4mi, 162°) 1340ft
RW26-VLETAX (183°)LETAX 4000ft
PP390 (10mi, 169°) 4000ft
PP391 (5mi, 169°) 2450ft
PP392 (4mi, 162°) 1340ft
 RNAVPP392 1340ft
MDPP (5mi, 254°) 66ft
PP365 (1mi, 254°)
PP366 (3mi, 340°)
TUGAR (12mi, 71°) 3000ft
RW26TUGAR (234°)TUGAR 3000ft
PP360 (4mi, 162°) 2500ft
RW26VISDI (273°)VISDI 3000ft
PP360 (4mi, 342°) 2500ft
 RNAVPP360 2500ft
URMIB (4mi, 254°) 2000ft
40TH2 (2mi, 254°) 1340ft
20THR (2mi, 254°) 710ft
MDPP (3mi, 254°) 66ft
PP365 (1mi, 254°)
PP366 (3mi, 340°)
TUGAR (12mi, 71°) 3000ft

Holding patterns

STAR namehold attypeturnheading*altitudelegspeed limit
BEPA2ATUGARVHFleft354 (174)°3000ft - 60000ft1.0min timed210
BEPA2SBEPADVHFleft264 (84)°5000ft - 60000ft1.0min timed210
JUEL2ATUGARVHFleft354 (174)°3000ft - 60000ft1.0min timed210
JUEL2SEMIVOVHFright354 (174)°4000ft - 60000ft1.0min timed210
POKE2ATUGARVHFleft354 (174)°3000ft - 60000ft1.0min timed210
POKE2SEMIVOVHFright354 (174)°4000ft - 60000ft1.0min timed210
RETA2ATUGARVHFleft354 (174)°3000ft - 60000ft1.0min timed210
RETA2SEMIVOVHFright354 (174)°4000ft - 60000ft1.0min timed210
RIBE2AVISDIVHFright174 (354)°3000ft - 60000ft1.0min timed210
RIBE2SEMIVOVHFright354 (174)°4000ft - 60000ft1.0min timed210
SEKA2ATUGARVHFleft354 (174)°3000ft - 60000ft1.0min timed210
SEKA2SEMIVOVHFright354 (174)°4000ft - 60000ft1.0min timed210
*) magnetic outbound (inbound) holding course


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