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Borj El Amri

Airport details

AirspaceTunis Ctr
Elevation107ft (33m)
TimezoneGMT +1
Coordinates36.72111, 9.94333
Magnetic var
Available sinceX-Plane v10.40
IATA coden/a
FAA coden/a


Borj El Amri Borj El Amri Tower123.000
Nearby Points of Interest:
Aqueduct of Zaghouan
Zaouia of Sidi Kacem El Jellizi
Al Haoua Mosque
Mosque of Sidi El Baghdadi
Mosque of Ben Hmida
Madrasa of Bir Lahjar
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Mosque of Laz
Zaouia of Sidi El Bahi
Mosque of Melmli

Runway info

Runway 12 / 30
 length1100m (3609ft)
 bearing121° / 301°
 width30m (98ft)
 blast zone60m (197ft) / 60m (197ft)

Nearby beacons

TUCTUNIS VOR/DME15.866°116.50
TSRAOUAD NDB19.755°325
BIZBIZERTE VOR/DME32.1341°114.20
NBAENFIDHA VOR/DME45.5143°114.35


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