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Luqa - La Valette Luqa

Airport details

StateSouthern Region
AirspaceMalta Ctr
Elevation296ft (90m)
TimezoneGMT +1
Coordinates35.85296, 14.48132
Magnetic var
Available sinceX-Plane v10.40
FAA coden/a


La Valette Luqa ATIS127.400
La Valette Luqa APRON133.900
La Valette Luqa Tower135.100
La Valette Luqa Approach128.150

Approach frequencies

3° GSRW31110.518.00mi
3° GSRW13109.718.00mi
Nearby Points of Interest:
Vincenti Tower
St Catherine's Chapel
Cavalier Tower
Hypogeum of ─Žal-Saflieni
Parish Church of St George
De Rohan Gate
Cottonera Lines
Floriana Lines
Porte des Bombes
St. Luke's Hospital, Malta
Santa Margherita Lines
St. Joseph's Chapel
Saint George Redoubt
Tal-Wejter Tower
Fort Saint Michael
Chapel of the Holy Family
Pinto Battery
Church of Our Lady of Sorrows
Auberge d'Allemagne
Auberge d'Angleterre
Auberge d'Auvergne et Provence
Auberge d'Italie
Auberge de France
Auberge d'Aragon

Runway info

Runway 13 / 31  
 length3356m (11010ft)
 bearing129° / 309°
 width60m (197ft)
 blast zone0m (0ft) / 185m (607ft)
Runway 5 / 23  
 length2379m (7805ft)
 bearing60° / 240°
 width45m (148ft)

Airport layout

Taxiway locations
Parking locations

Nearby beacons

MLTMALTA NDB3.2128°395
GZOGOZO VOR/DME17.4304°115.70

Departure and arrival routes

Transition altitude5000ft
Transition level7000ft
SID end pointsdistanceoutbound heading

Instrument approach procedures

runwayairway (heading)route (dist, bearing)
RW05BEVIM (31°)BEVIM 3000ft
RALOM (3mi, 319°) 3000ft
VEMOL (5mi, 319°) 3000ft
RW05METIM (86°)METIM 3000ft
LASGO (3mi, 139°) 3000ft
VEMOL (5mi, 139°) 3000ft
RW05VEKIM (60°)VEKIM 3000ft
VEMOL (11mi, 60°) 3000ft
VEBIK (5mi, 60°) 3000ft
LMML (9mi, 62°) 346ft
(2300mi, 202°) 2000ft
ML001 (2310mi, 22°) 3000ft
(2310mi, 202°)
RW13GUDER (162°)GUDER 3000ft
LAKOM (3mi, 231°) 3000ft
NEDOX (5mi, 231°) 3000ft
RW13NOLER (129°)NOLER 3000ft
NEDOX (11mi, 129°) 3000ft
RW13OMBER (102°)OMBER 3000ft
RANAT (3mi, 50°) 3000ft
NEDOX (5mi, 51°) 3000ft
NEBEN (5mi, 129°) 3000ft
LMML (9mi, 129°) 305ft
(2300mi, 202°) 2000ft
ML101 (2296mi, 22°) 3000ft
(2296mi, 202°)
RW23EVLAM (239°)EVLAM 3000ft
EVOTA (11mi, 240°) 3000ft
RW23INTAM (265°)INTAM 3000ft
LAPID (3mi, 319°) 3000ft
EVOTA (5mi, 319°) 3000ft
RW23MONAM (208°)MONAM 3000ft
REVPO (3mi, 139°) 3000ft
EVOTA (5mi, 139°) 3000ft
EVPAT (5mi, 240°) 3000ft
LMML (9mi, 238°) 295ft
(2300mi, 202°) 2000ft
ML201 (2290mi, 22°) 3000ft
(2290mi, 202°)
RW31-VLONIK (17°)LONIK 3000ft
DEMIX (4mi, 129°) 3000ft
ENELO (5mi, 51°) 2000ft
RW31-VROTIP (257°)ROTIP 3000ft
SUNER (4mi, 129°) 3000ft
ENELO (5mi, 231°) 2000ft
ML361 (2mi, 309°) 1430ft
LMML (5mi, 308°) 281ft
D312J (9mi, 309°) 3000ft
TIVOR (25mi, 148°) 3000ft
RW31KEKOR (284°)KEKOR 3000ft
RULOV (3mi, 231°) 3000ft
SUDOX (5mi, 231°) 3000ft
RW31SOFOR (309°)SOFOR 3000ft
SUDOX (11mi, 309°) 3000ft
RW31TIVOR (339°)TIVOR 3000ft
LUVOS (3mi, 51°) 3000ft
SUDOX (5mi, 51°) 3000ft
SUKAL (5mi, 309°) 3000ft
LMML (10mi, 309°) 281ft
(2300mi, 202°) 2000ft
ML301 (2304mi, 22°) 3000ft
(2304mi, 202°)


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